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Once inside of the app, your Facebook photo is already uploaded with the option to add four more. If you have to pull out dimes and quarters to pay me, maybe you shouldn't be buying weed! Like Us. I might say I'll be there in 20 minutes, but I know I can take as long as I want when I'm the guy with the weed. It borrows much of the layout and interface from Tinder -- basically, you tell the app your mood, preferred consumption method, and energy preferences, and it gives you the option to swipe right "High there! Don't try to game the system, or you'll have to go back to asking friends of friends if they know where to get weed. Don't post about us on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or any social media sites.

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Newsletters are the new newsletters.

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How do you find a weed dealer?

Hinge wants singles to build relationships instead of hook ups or something casual. Where in Alabama? They'll keep adding to their "tab" and think they can do it going forward. Basically just ask anyone lol. Go to a party with some friends man, ask away. The company considers themselves as "The Cupids of Cannabis," so they created a platform for weed users to feel warm and comfortable without judgment.

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